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Kitty Montgomery by Sonja Ortner

kitty_montgomeryKITTY MONTGOMERY – “Affordable luxury”, that’s how the high-end knitwear-label Kitty Montgomery from Austria can be defined.



Sonja Ortner - Kitty Montgomery Designer
Sonja Ortner – Designer of Kitty Montgomery

The goal for designer Sonja Ortner was to create elegant, feminine, glamorous and high quality basics for every occasion. Exclusively natural materials like finest cashmere and luxurious silk guarantee a unique and individual experience for the customer. The designer sets a high value on producing in Germany to ensure that the high quality materials are worked adequately.

Every collection is divided into five themes: office time, tea time, dinner time, cocktail time and every time. Kitty Montgomery is the brand for every woman who likes to dress in classy and functional garments with a twist at every time of the day. Kitty loves you, so love Kitty!

Q: Can you tell me about more about you as designer? I am a marketing expert. During the last years I learned a lot in terms of design, also from friends who are designer. And also I got to learn how to do knitwear design (consulting from an expert from St. Martin design school London, designer from Sonia Rykiel), which is completely special and different from normal design (also in terms of production knowledge, etc.).

Q: Why did you get into the fashion industry? I am working in the fashion industry for more than 15 years. It has always been my special area of interest.

Q: What inspired you to start this business? My fashion clients, other designers, I had the wish to build up my own fashion designer brand.

Q: How did you start your business? I wrote my business plan 6 years ago, I started to design, I looked for network partners, the production company and visited the yarn trade fair in Firenze.

Q: Is this your first business? No, I have my PR and event agency – communication studio – since 8 years.

Q: How and where did you get this inspiration for design your own line? I was always inspired by the 60ies style of Grace Kelly and I think that concentrating on knitwear design using cashmere & silk materials can be a quite unique positioning.

Q: Where do you produce it? Germany

Q: What makes your design stand out from the rest? brand story about Kitty Montgomery concentrating on knitwear designs – Be a Woman. Wear a Dress. (according to my slogan)

Kitty Montgomery - officetime2Kitty Montgomery - teatime1

Q: Who are your customers? Online clients, high quality boutiques, K.M. aims at creating elegant, feminine and good quality knitwear clothing for women between 30 to 50-years made of the exclusive materials from cashmere and silk. Kitty Montgomery‘s target groups are women between 30-55 years: beautifully and elegantly dressed who ask for value and quality. who want high-quality clothing who ask for basics and a fine assortment and see the material as an add on who search for a feminine, elegant clothing style who emphasize on quality, fit and stylish design who purchase price conscious who like the brand and identify themselves with the world of Kitty Montgomery who search for individuality, style and orientation

Q: What was the most difficult part of starting this type of business? The production process and the way how to transfer your designs into production.

Q: What are your expectations for the future? Generate and build up the distribution and sales channel (retail boutiques) to build up image and brand awareness • perfect Sales Channel • communication of the KM lifestyle-worlds (music, videos, images, information, slogans, KM wording) • integration into the online shop of FIRST SHOWROOM • generating online traffic (cooperation networks, social media, google optimisation) • K.M. network forum

Q: Where do you get your inspiration? Everywhere, magazines, online, looking how elegant ladies are dressed,

Q: How many collection do u have? The SS2014 is my second collection.

Kitty Montgomery - cocktailtime Kitty Montgomery - dinnertime

Q: What is the target group of your clients? see above

Q: Tell me a short bio about yourself? Please refer to

Q: Where can we buy your brand? Please refer to

Q: Do you have a web site and shop and/or E-shop? available also on

Kitty Montgomery - accessoires1Kitty Montgomery - accessoires4


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