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Fashion Consulting Network (FCN) based in Switzerland offers to fashion companies, designers and luxury brands a selection of services aimed at connecting, showcasing, promoting and supporting by providing expertise by creating inspiring exhibitions, fashion shows where new and emergent fashion & luxury designers, brands, business owners can promote and showcase their businesses to B2B and B2C and connect with consumers and other business owners.

FCN Business Support Services, a consultancy service for fashion companies and luxury goods.

A platform created with the spirit of to supplement each other, either in an association, our respective professional endeavours and facilitates the exchange of experiences between professionals.

As a new business owner, you may be concerned on how to start, structure, and/or manage your business. As an existing business owner or entrepreneur you may be primarily concerned with how to expand or managed your interest in this new global market. FCN helps business owners and entrepreneur prosper in this ever-changing economic climate. We help to eliminate costly mistakes and streamline your efforts to achieve success.

We offer business support services and consultancy from Branding, Experiential Marketing, Market Analysis, Roadshows, Media Stunts, Exhibitions, Sponsorship activation, Fashion shows, Fashion consulting, Products launches, Social Media Management, Personal shopper, Corporate branding, Image consulting, Pricing & Distribution Plan, Campaign development, Brand development and much more.

Our consultants bring a wealth of experience in Campaign development, Branding, Visual, Image consulting, Event Management and Marketing Strategies.  

Let us assist you by helping you to first develop your plan, and then take the steps necessary to carry it through! Contact US


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