BRANDS: Luxury, CONTINENTS: Africa & Asia, DESIGNERS: Accessory, DESIGNERS: Menswear

URU Diamonds – Exclusive luxury bracelets

uru-logo-shortSince the beginning of time African jewellery art has been known for its unique ways to create the most precious pieces from the natures own treasure chamber.

Traditionally African jewelry is more than just adornment. Power, wealth, strength, fertility and wisdom are sourced from minerals, stones, animal skins and other materials given to us by Mother Nature.
URU Diamonds

URU Diamonds offers a range of exclusive jewelry that is crafted using some of these traditional methods and materials. In respect of nature’s own intentions all URU stones are rough. URU uses precious stones such as diamond, ruby, tanzanite, sapphire, emerald and tsavorte.
URU Diamonds 2
10 % of the URU profit goes to support education and welfare of children in the mining areas in corporation with SOS Children’s Village.

URU Diamonds 1

Exclusive luxury bracelets –


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