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  • You ChicYou Chic – Each of us has a personal hidden style that  just waiting to be recognised and developed. Each of us hides within himself, the wonderful potential that once discovered and guided in the right direction, through the recognition of our “colors friends”, shapes and styling, make us beautiful, elegant, giving a unique appearance to ourselves. Finally, when someone will look at us, they can think about how much we look interesting and unique and in two words they will say “… you’re chic … YOU CHIC! // Country: Italy // Speciality: Women


  • PS&FC – Personal Shopper & Fashion Consultant

PS&FC Julie AtendaWell-known Personal Shopper & Fashion Consultant, her knowledge of society’s upper echelons’ stylistic needs and desires was developed through several years’ experience in diplomatic circles. “The Quintessential source for your Fashion and Luxury needs”. Visit her site


Specialities: Women, Gentleman & Corporate.

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