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Spanish Designers Showcase by JAANTE GmbH

Fashion Event & Spanish Designers Showcase – This coming June 23, JAANTE will showcase Spanish fashion designers from Castilla y Leon; FELY CAMPO, SANTIAGO DEL PALACIO, ANTON & MODA and FASHION S.A.

The fashion event will also have complimentary Spanish wine tasting and appetisers, where you will discover the amazing collections of Spanish designers FELY CAMPO, SANTIAGO DEL PALACIO, ANTON & MODA and FASHION S.A.

Therefore, we invite fashion buyers, sales rep, multibrand stores, bloggers and media to join us.

All the professional are invited to confirm the assistance by  contacting Jaante GmbhH

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Antón & Moda

Zamora, Castilla y León


Manufactures outerwear for women in natural leather, nappa, wool, cashemire, mohair and synthetic or ecological of the highest quality skins. Its collections are designed and manufactured entirely in Spain. Since the 90s ANTON & MODA is specialized in the manufacture of outerwear for women. The end result is a garment that is characterized by its versatility, design and meticulous finish, due to the use of premiums the highest market quality materials and excellent workmanship.


  • ANTON & MODA | Clothing faux fur coats | Synthetic leather outerwear
  • BERNIFURS | Natural leather outerwear
  • BERNI | Outerwear in cloth


Carretera de Cubillos,1 | 49023 | Zamora, Spain  | ph +34 980 525 233  | W:


Fashion S.A.

Salamanca, Castilla y LeonJCYL-6.png

Since 1972, Fashion S.A. is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of outdoor fashion for women. Specializing in warm clothes: jackets, jackets, coats, parkas, coats…
Its headquarters with a superficie of 7,000 m2 is located in Salamanca.
Fashion S.A develops its activity, making the entire production in Spain.


Avda. La Salle, 185-187 | 37008 Salamanca,  Spain  | ph+34 923 19 26 90/96 | W:


Fely Campo

Salamanca, Castilla y LeonJCYL-7

Spanish Fashion Designer
What I want to convey through my clothes is a feeling and a passion for what is my job and my profession: fashion – Fely Campo

Party Collections Wedding Collections


Showroom | Calle Vázquez Coronado, 6 | 37002 Salamanca, Spain  | E:
ph +34 923 26 60 93 |

Atelier | Cañón Rios Lobos, 35 | Pol. Industrial Montalvo II | 37008


Santiago del Palacio

León, Castilla y LeónJCYL-8.png

Santiago del Palacio constantly investigates new work techniques skin and interprets the service of materials: smoothed, dyed. And Airgallon, Checkeerboard, Degradé, Fox’n’Fabric… Enriches the Spanish leather tradition.

Santiago del Palacio has received several awards for his work in the world offur. In 1987, the Award IV Revelation held at the National Competition for Young Values, The Fashion Academy Award for the Dissemination of Spanish fashion in the world. And more awards throughout his career.

In Cibeles, 2012 Santiago del Palacio was presented for the first time with its own collection within the platform Madrid Fashion Show, held at the Museum of Costume in Madrid. As craftsman of the skin, Santiago del Palacio worked in the collections of designers such as lon Fiz, Carmen March, Fernando Lemoniez, Duyos, Alvarno…


Furrier, designer collections signature Balta and his own under the brand Santiago del Palacio, contributed to the design of High Spanish fur with a purely artisanal concept.

Natalia Basterrechea
ph +34 627 961 836 | E: | W:





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