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Showcase your luxury brand, products & services at the MagnifiSense Fair

MagnifiSense Fair | Magnificent Swiss luxury event

MagnifiSense Fair 3

Concept – A magnificent event that conveys an aura of elegance and sumptuousness exhibiting the sublimity of the luxury market.
New & creative concept given the exhibitors its stately sublimity and where the visitors enjoy with all the senses. A refined quality of resplendence and good taste.
Place – The event takes place in distinguished and prestigious venue of the city, all in consonance with the quality level of the guests and exhibitors.
Objectives –  Exhibiting at the MagnifiSense Fair is capitalised on the magnificence, grandness and elegance that will bring to your products and services.
Audience – The visitors (B2B & B2C) will be chosen not only from the organization but also from the exhibitors that will have the opportunity to invite their most valued customers, and of course local residents will attend the fair.
We guarantee the attendance of businessmen, executives and people involved in the sector of fashion, lifestyle & luxury industry and of high economic/social relevance.
The PR & Communication convened by the organization via direct contact, communication agencies, in press before the event, through elite social clubs, business associations, national and foreign investors, diplomatic community, as well the venue’s clientele.
Structure – The « MagnifiSense Fair » is designed that, the visitors can during the day enjoy gourmet workshops from world-class chefs and arts critics, attend some fashion shows due to the presence of design boutiques, fashion brands and of course, purchase the desired products.
Support and services provided:
– Marketing research and assessment for the International venues where we are present.
– Logistic support for their stands and material, either transporting it or providing it on location.
– Hospitality arrangements.
– Special Travel Deals.
– Support on arranging commercial meetings.
– Merchandising and printing materials.
– Personnel on location, stewards, models, translators, etc.
If you have any queries about the fair, the conditions for exhibitors, sponsoring, we will be pleased to forward you more information.
Kindest regards,
MSF Team
MagnifiSense Fair - Trade Fair 1



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