BRANDS: Luxury, CONTINENT: Europe, DESIGNERS: Collection, DESIGNERS: Womenswear

Atelier Versace – Haute Couture Collection AW 2014/2015

Atelier Versace opens the Haute Couture Paris Fashion week – Collection Autum and Winter 2014/2015



In the show Atelier Versace, “Donatella Versace” insists her clothes warriors, powerful aesthetic and geometric structures that play a cover and hide skin, sometimes suggestive subject to metal applications.

Her scissors is bold and masculine cut it short and patterns to create dresses that look hiper feminine close to the body. Notable designs made with three or four different textures, a patchwork of luxury subtracted intensities to the collection.

Winter jacket from Atelier Versace

The color chart is very contained. There are blue night, Nazarene purple, black, silver, white and dusty pink and metallic post.

With them ink red carpet dresses carrying corsets that emphasize the silhouette and skirts only suitable for goregous bodies.


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