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Melanie Amphoux – Leather goods & French luxury accessories

Discover Melanie Amphoux

Born in 2012, the eponymous ” Melanie Amphoux ” is necessary gradually in the universe very confidential leather goods, luxury accessories and bespoke .

Fascinated by the line, the structure and working with old, she sees in leather opportunity to express this duality that characterizes it.

Perfectionist , it is in the greatest Parisian workshops , that creative manufactures its products.
She is fascinated by the work of tanning, by the completion of patronage and foremost she loves this touch so sensual skin : mild calf ferocity of exotic leathers , hardness of Stingray …

For her, every skin holds a secret and unique history. And it’s a little of this mystery that is felt by appropriating a bag ” Melanie Amphoux ” .

Melanie Amphoux 2

Can you tell us more about your brand?

Divert the classic codes of luxury leather goods through exotic leathers, colors and bold contrasts and modern.

Why did you get into the fashion industry?

I specifically chose the French luxury industry , because I want to respect the values, traditions and French savoir-faire.

Melanie Amphoux 2

What inspired you?

Since always, I ‘m fascinated by the leather and exotic leathers, because for me, every skin is unique and life differently with each person; I love this rare and precious side.

How did you start your business?

I started my business in 2012.

Is this your first business? Do you have another brand ?

Yes, this is my first business  and I do not have any other brand.

Melanie Amphoux 5

What makes your brand and products stand out from the rest?

Bring up to date the work of bespoke with the possibility to choose their hides, its colour combinations but also its metal finishes, plus initials or phrases …

Who are your customers?

My clients are mostly prestigious, glamorous and individual clients.

What was the hardest part of starting this type of business?

The hardest part of starting this type of business is this awareness, find investment fund, and all the communication part ( pub etc. )

Melanie Amphoux 3

What are your expectations for the future?

My expectations for the future is to develop my brand in France and abroad (New York, London, Los Angeles). And share later fill open shop, always in the same concept of bespoke and scarcity.

Melanie Amphoux 1

M: +33 (0)
13 Rue René Bazin
75016 Paris – France


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