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Brit Chic Signature – British retro-inspired clothing brand for girls & baby gifts

Brit Chic Signature logo-white-bubble-starBrit Chic Signature by Alison Phillips Pearce.  British retro-inspired clothing brand for girls and baby gifts, made in Britain with exclusive prints.

About the designerAlison Phillips-Pearce, a budding designer in her youth, who rekindled her love of design after the birth of her first child and inspiration from her late mother. She is passionate about supporting British design, and innovation and carefully source all of our materials within the UK to ensure we bring our customers the very best quality and design. She wants to build a brand that will be with us for generations to come. She loves the idea of being able to leave behind some treasures just like my late mother did – what greater incentive!

Brit Chic Signature -BRT_2220Brit Chic Signature -BRT_2516

Q: Can you tell me more about you as designer? I’m a designer who takes their inspiration from all things vintage and retro. I like to create garments that are unfussy making them easy for children to wear, but at the same time offering colourful trims to funk up the designs. As a mum of two small children I also think it is helpful for your children to have clothes that are multifunctional and I like to think that our dress range for example are equally perfect for everyday wear as well as for that special occasion. I also have a love of knitwear and like to incorporate this lovely art into my collection wherever I can.

Brit Chic Signature -VevianPatentRedShoe

Brit Chic Signature -BRT_3331

Q. Why did you get into the fashion industry? As a young teenager I was always at the sewing machine either making my own designs or altering existing garments I had bought. I used to watch programmes such as House of Elliott in the early 90’s and was enthralled by the idea of designing and making my own garments. My love of fashion subsided for a while whilst a pursued a different career, but I am now delighted to be following my first love. Waking up every morning and being able to expose your creative side is very exhilarating.

Brit Chic Signature - 4_BRT_3073r

Q. What inspired you to start this business? My children and late mother were the inspiration behind starting Brit Chic Signature. My children’s energy and my mothers love of all things handmade ignited my desire to want to create some that was tangible and would stand the test of time. I feel that so many products are produced with a throw away mentality and I certainly want my clients to cherish, keep and/or hand down my garments.

Q. Is this your first business? Brit Chic Signature is my first business and with that comes many challenges as learning on the job is paramount, but I love the fact that I control what I do each day.

BRT_3191Brit Chic Signature -Brit Chic Signature -KDM_5199cr

Q. How and where did you get this inspiration for design your own line? I have always had a love of all things vintage and retro. Mary Quant is a designer that I have always admired with such simple lines. The inspiration for my collection came after the birth of my second child. My collection is based on clean simple designs that are timeless making them perfect for any season or occasion. I like to add modern twists with colourful trims such as bright linings or buttons.

Q. Where do you produce it? I am very passionate about supporting British manufacturing, design and innovation and have all of my products produced in the UK. I work with a highly skilled seamstress and designer in her own right and a studio in West Wales, UK. All of my knitwear is made by a number of talented ladies throughout the UK.

Q. What makes your design stand out from the rest? Brit Chic Signature not only offers a classic timeless collection, but we have our own fabric range making our collection truely unique. Fabrics you will not see anywhere else.

Brit Chic Signature - BRT_2220Brit Chic Signature - BRT_2322 

Q. Who are your customers? We like to think that our collection has something for all customers with hair accessories starting at £8.00, baby booties £21.00 and dresses from £49.00.

Q. What was the most difficult part of starting this type of business? Trying to find the right manufacturer. I initially found it difficult to find a manufacturer who had the quality of finish I was looking for. Also, many UK based manufacturers impose high minimum orders making it very expensive.

Brit Chic Signature - BRT_2427

Q. What are your expectations for the future? Brit Chic Signature will be exhibiting at Playtime Paris in January 2014 which we are very excited about as it is a super platform to showcase our collection and source quality stockists from around the world. We have also received a lot of interest to translate our line into women’s sizes. This is something that we aim to launch in Spring 2014.
Brit Chic Signature - BRT_7900Brit Chic Signature - T4T_2110

Q. How many collections do u have? Brit Chic Signature has created 3 collections to date. We are moving away from seasonal collections given the nature of our designs which can be worn in any season. We will instead introduce new fabrics such as Scottish tweed for Autumn/Winter wear.


Q. Where can we buy your brand? Brit Chic Signature products can be bought from a small number of boutiques in the UK or through our dedicated website

Q. Do you have a web site and shop and/or E-shop? Our website allows you to purchase our products. We also have a blog and can be contacted via social media Like us: /BritChicSignature Follow us: @BritChicSig


2 thoughts on “Brit Chic Signature – British retro-inspired clothing brand for girls & baby gifts”

  1. I like your story. Since we at Cute Baby Girl Outfits are looking for companies that are conscientious about the labor force to produce their products and are actively pursuing not exploiting their workers, we like the answers to “Where do you produce it?” Good job. Many blessings in you success. ~

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