BRANDS: Eco-Fashion, CONTINENT: Europe, CONTINENTS: Africa & Asia

Eco-Fashion – Theo&Mo, Shoes designer

Theo&Mo – Heel the World. 


What is this project all about?

Theo&Mo – Heel the World. Exemplary plausible, new standards of the three sustainability pillars in the glamor world of fashion. Ecologically again to use Renewable is not environmentally friendly enough for Theo&Mo Enhance income is progressive. Economically to convince the customer is not effective enough for Theo&Mo, but to inspire for years.

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Q. What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The first goal is to find sponsor(s) for producing a full collection and also enough fund in order to open the “Theo&Mo” own factory in Augsburg.

The target group:

  •  25-50 years
  •  Young ladies
  •  Above-average level of education
  •  They have an above average income or come from well-off households.
  •  They consume environmental and health conscious, appreciate subtle flavors that may well have an above average price. According to the motto “less is more” buy selectively and with high connoisseurship.

3e8f6b6b-1Q. Why should you support this project?

  • You think that organic or Eco-fashion, no longer olive colored and scratchy knitting sweaters.
  • You are also of the opinion that we need to consciously consume.
  • Yourself want to know more about your purchased products.
  • You want to prove it with us that no companies have to exploit workers in poor countries, to be able to profitably exist in the high fashion industry.
  • We prove that it is going to produce economically Women’s Shoes in the western world. At a reasonable price with high demands on quality, production process and origin of the materials.
  • You want to prove it together with us and make the world believe in it?
  • You want to be a part of Theo & Mo – Heel the World?
  • You want to personally participate in Theo & Mo?

3e8f6b6b-2Q. Who are the people behind the project?

Two brothers: Theo and David whom developed the brand “Theo&Mo” – Heel the World.

Martin Maczurek, Diploma (akadem.) communication and graphic designers, Rhein Sieg Akademie certified for art and design, from the advertising agency Grey Worldwide. Support of Theo&Mo in all graphic, TV and film.


David H. Dudek, the craftsman who design the patterns and the high heel concepts.  David controls the suppliers, production and implementation of our three-pillar sustainability concept.

Theo&Mo is looking for ideas for lyrics, high heel names, illustrations, videos and models, the shootings will take place due the next days. The goal is the re-appearance at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski on the upcoming Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin from 14 to 16 January 2014.

If you want to know more about Theo&Mo, we invite you to visit their web site.





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