Outlet Chic Market “C2C” in Switzerland from L’armoire

UPCOMING SALES OUTLET OF CLOTHING, BAGS AND SHOES “C2C” – Exclusively female with no age limit and all ranges of prices.

In a couple of weeks, if you are in Zurich (Switzerland), feel free to join « L’armoire – Chic Market » to its first Switzerland Fashion-Responsible’s event. You will discover a different shopping philosophy.

1184814_518647661548426_101757454_nQ: WANT TO SIGN-UP AS A SELLER at « L’armoire – Chic Market »?
° Like our philosophy and participate as a vendor (no age limit).
° Send us by email your photos with quantity and brands of the clothes for sale, to the following e-mail address: larmoirechic@gmail.com

NB: If you feel better or if you need help, we can also make an appointment at home. In all cases, we require your presence at the event. Being a seller at the « L’armoire – Chic Market » has a fees.

All vendors (sellers) will be selected, ensuring the quality of the event and products for sale. Used only products sold by individuals (C2C).
L'armoire – Chic Market § Buyers Spain
More information and news on « L’armoire – Chic Market » and in our partners’s page in Facebook.

PS: You can see some of our sellers’ items Mademoiselle Ekatherina & Mademoiselle Julie

Interact with « L’armoire – Chic Market » :

° LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Larmoire-Chic-Market-5171231
° WordPress: http://larmoirechicmarket.wordpress.com

° Followhttp://twitter.com/L_Armoire_Chic


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